A practical book on how to make Designer Cakes

Use tools already in your kitchen to create memorable art

New feature book launching soon with beautiful illustrations to help you make Awesome Cakes


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Your Easy Step Guide to
Bake Delicious Cakes and Decorate them
We make it look easy! Have a masterpiece for the centre of your party, a Birthday or any kind of Celebration

  • 1

    Impress your friends and family by creating awesome show piece cakes

    Examples include animals and characters with an emphasis on modelling  

  • 2

    Learn the mastery of making cakes with Modern & Sleek finishes

    Your finishing will make people wonder if you bought the cake

  • 3

    Clear easy to follow instructions that empower even the newbie cake maker

    The secret to making beautiful cakes are clear instructions and simple methods that the professionals have mastered

About Awesome Cakes

After years in the family restaurant business, all things food has always been my passion. I embarked on classes after a most embarrassing cake decorating disaster. I had a baby shower for my expecting daughter and made the most hideous cake. Me being quietly confident and somewhat competitive I decided to challenge myself, so three months after her arrival, I did all the evenings and day courses I could do, little did I expect to have a hidden talent in Cake Decorating.

After about a year of mastering the basics, I developed my own style and techniques. I like cakes to not look like cakes and immensely enjoy when people are confused and think their eyes are playing tricks on them, only really believe its a cake once its cut and eaten! In this book, you will be taught how to make cakes creatively, add personal touches to designs and make beautiful Awesome Cakes.